Paving your driveway is its own reward. Every time you drive up to your house you will see its beauty with new eyes.


The driveway is often the focal point on your facade, it is the first thing people notice when they drive up to your home because it is the largest non-landscaped area on your property. It will be one of the first things others will see and notice about your property. Having the right driveway will not only increase the curb appeal of your home but also its property value.


As the driveway usually leads up to the entranceways, walkways, and patios it can be easily designed with the same pavers to create a seamless look. However, many also use this focal point as an opportunity to stretch the design of their home and landscape.

Property Value

Your driveway sets the tone for the value of your home. If a prospective buyer is viewing your property they will likely be impressed with the condition of your home before stepping foot inside.


Expert Installations

Since we specialize in only pavers, we know all the challenges of installing a seamless and lasting driveway. Your driveway design must look breathtaking while withstanding the weight of vehicle traffic. We have installed 100s of walkways, pathways, entryways and driveways over the last 20 years all throughout Phoenix, Arizona – there’s no situation we don’t already have an answer for.

Trending Driveway Designs

Current trending driveway pavers and designs in Arizona. Updated 2017.

Aqua Roc II

Old World Paver

Catalina Stone Overlay

Town Hall Driveway

Mega Bergerac Classic

Multi Color Stones

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are ideal for driveways because they are long lasting and durable. They can also be set in all other areas of your property such as patios, walkways, and entranceways, keeping a cohesive appearance. Concrete pavers are generally set on compacted sand.

Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are a perfect fit if there are other architectural elements made of brick on your property. Brick pavers that match those on your property can be laid to complement your existing structures. They are great for driveways because they are durable and can easily stand changes in weather conditions.

Natural Stone

Natural stone pavers are elegant and can increase the aesthetics of your property. The most common pavers are flagstone and slate. Typically these pavers are set with concrete and are slip resistant.

Tile Pavers

Tile pavers come in a wider variety than stone but you need to be cautious when choosing tile pavers as some are not slip resistant.

Free Consultation

There are many different types of pavers that work well for driveways, including concrete, brick, stone, and tile. All of these are not only beautiful, but they will last for decades. We can help you decide what is best for your space, and as always, we provide the highest quality products and services.

Driveway Paver Projects

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