Case Study, Driveway, Patio, Pool Deck

The backyard was completed with Tufa Travertine style pavers and we used a blend of Arizona Block Mesquite pavers for the driveway.

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This home in Desert Mountain allowed us to flex our exterior design skills. We knew we couldn’t match the curb appeal of the home’s exterior by using a set of standard pavers. We provide a few pattern options then we were able to select the Arizona Block Mesquite blend of pavers to develop our design. The color scheme provided by the Block Mesquite pavers was exactly what the doctor ordered: the perfect mixture between blend and contrast with the home’s exterior.

This Scottsdale backyard has a glorious endless pool with a secluded endless desert view to match. We knew that travertine would match the majestic atmosphere, from there we just had to select which blend would work best. We selected the travertine paver Tufa as our paver of choice for the pool area, it was also the same paver we used for entryway courtyard area.
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Arizona Block Mesquite paver blend is used for the driveway, the courtyard area features the Tufa, a travertine paver.



About ‘Tufa’ a Travertine Limestone Paver

This Travertine style paver is named after its color:  Tufa Roman. Its name is fitting as it solidifies its place in history as a bold and imperial solid element dating back to floors fit for kings. The tumble finish applied to the travertine paver is practically slip proof, which makes it a great paver to use around pools. 

This Tufa Roman travertine/limestone paver is available in the following sizes: 6×12, 6×6 and  12×12.

Case Study, Pool Deck, Walkway

We completed the front yard with Belgard Cambridge Sedona and the pool deck with Monterrey Boulevard pavers.

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​Paul and Laura were looking for a great way to avoid a traditional pool deck around their custom pool. While we discussed several options, ultimately, we decided that a caramel blend of Monterrey Torreon pavers would hit the mark. Once we completed the area around the pool, we then needed a bold entrance from the back gate to the pool area. For that we worked in a classic mix of Belgard Cambridge pavers.



About Boulevard Carmel Travertine Pavers

These classic light colored pavers are properly named for their distinct carmel candy look. The light browns and beige colors blend with each other seamlessly and the off-white colors contrast well. Since these stones come in all sizes ranging from 8×8 to 24×24 they can be used in any situation.

Why Travertine? 

Travertine pavers are always great for areas around a pool or a patio area. They come standard with a anti-slip surface finish; another benefit of installing travertine in Arizona is it stays cooler than most other pavers.  Travertine has been around 50 million years. It was good enough for King’s palaces and roman coliseums, therefore it’s no doubt you can trust it to stand the test of time; and the Arizona sun. 

About Belgard Cambridge Sedona Pavers

The Cambridge Cobble pavers are among the most versatile; they work well for walkways and patios, but they can also be used around a pools and are even ideal for vehicle traffic.

​There are endless combinations of colors and patterns to ensure you can find the right design for most any project.

Available sizes:  6×6, 6×9, 9×12 also available in other custom variable sizes.
The Sedona Belgard Paver is Properly Named After Our Beautiful Town of Sedona, Arizona



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